consulting: data strategy, buildout, and mentoring

You follow the business press. You keep hearing how data is the hot new fuel that will take every company to the next level. But, what does that mean for your business? How will you put data analysis to work to solve your problems?

That’s where I fit in. Work with me to get your company’s data science efforts off the ground and keep them moving.

If your company is about to take its first steps in data science, or if you have plans to build or rebuild your data science team, I can help:

Foundation & Data Strategy Infrastructure & Engineering
We'll work together to assess your data and develop your data strategy, a strategic road map of your data science efforts (including their required datasets, skills, tools, and infrastructure). I'll build out the storage, collection, and pipelines on which those data projects will run. Self-hosted or cloud-based, relational database or Hadoop, I've got you covered.
Analysis Team & Mentoring
I'll execute the first-generation data projects that were detailed in the road map. This will lay the groundwork for your future data science hires. We'll work together to build the team that will carry this forward, by developing job descriptions and interviewing candidates. I can even serve as the interim/part-time head of analytics, or mentor your existing team.

Think of me as that person who comes in before the first data scientist joins… and who’s still there to guide you as your organization grows.

(For more details, here’s a set of service offerings. I also have a list of answers to frequently-asked questions about working with me.)

my target audience

I’m interested in helping firms of all domains and sizes. If you’re looking to get started with data, or to make the most of your existing data efforts, we should talk.

I am especially interested in working with startups and other small companies. Don’t wait until you’re far enough along that you need a full-time analytics lead. Work with me on an ongoing, part-time, consulting basis to give you the guidance you need before you build that data team.

next steps

Now that you know more about me and what I do, how can I help you?

Please contact me to get started.